Since inception, Omni Plastics has focused on our dedication to designing, installing and operating the most advanced compounding processes available to our industry. Our continued mission is to distinguish ourselves with consistent, performance driven products.

Advanced Compounding Technology

Among our processing capabilities Omni operates high torque Twin-Screw production lines. Our systems utilize integrated Loss-in-Weight feeders and feature synchronized computer controls. This provides immediate out-of-parameter alerts while simultaneously capturing and recording the key set-point versus actual variables.

Loss-in-Weight feed control eliminates the variables associated with batch blending and mixing desegregation. The result is a continuous process with exact proportioning of raw material ingredients. Downstream melt porting allows for optimal introduction of process-sensitive raw materials such as fiber reinforcements and flame retardants. In addition, flexibility in screw design, screw configuration, variable extruder speed and variable torque settings allow for pin-point processing conditions.

Omni’s single-screw compounding lines, ranging in size from 2.5” to 4.5”, offer low conversion costs, flexible screw design, and the ability to process a variety of compounds with minimal down time.

Post-Process Capabilities

Omni Plastics features a Finished Goods Hold Hopper with desiccant drying for dry homogeneous ready-to-mold materials.

As well, we offer the security of the Safeline finished goods metal detection system, integrated into the final packaging process.

Finished goods are available in Gaylord, 50-lb. or 55-lb. bags, and/or
bulk truck delivery.