Polypropylene is an extremely cost-effective, process-friendly polymer that offers a good balance of mechanical and thermal properties with excellent chemical resistance and a high degree of stiffness.

Omni Plastics exclusive high-performance OmniPro™ compounds are the choice for your polypropylene applications, custom formulated to your specific balance of requirements. Choose from:

  • Glass Reinforcement resulting in dramatic increases in tensile, stiffness, and DTUL (all Glass Reinforced OmniPro™ grades are chemically coupled for optimal performance)
  • Mineral and Mineral/Glass Reinforced combinations for applications requiring high strength and close tolerance dimensional stability
  • High impact copolymer grades for applications requiring toughness and/or cold temperature impact resistance
  • Several OmniPro™ grades are UL-listed, FDA-compliant and NSF-approved depending on parts requirements
  • UV and heat-stabilized versions are available on all OmniPro™ grades

Typical applications include structural parts across industry segments, including pump housings, wheels, handles, mounting brackets, levers, pressure vessels, and furniture components.

Custom colors are available to your specifications.

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