OmniTech™ is our family of non-standard, custom developed products for applications with unique functional requirements, including but not limited to flame retardant, conductive, wear-and-friction, and improved optical clarity. We also proudly offer OmniTech™ high-performance ABS, PBT, PBT Alloys, PE products and many other Polymers utilizing a wide variety of available reinforcements, fillers, and impact modifiers, compounded to your exact requirements. Whatever your needs, count on Omni Plastics for the perfect formulation.

Whether your products require special resins, flame retardants, or any other non-standard modification, Omni Plastics dedicated in-house laboratory will generally provide test samples within two weeks. We perform all testing in-house to ensure that the finished formulation precisely matches or exceeds your specifications. Count on Omni Plastics for the perfect formulation.

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