The Four Phases of Soccer Strength Training with Modafinil

Soccer strength training has many benefits for your soccer fitness. Effective soccer strength training will:

  • condition your body to handle the stresses that soccer puts it under
  • lessen the chances of injury
  • improve recovery
  • improve strength over the ball
  • improve strength in the tackle
  • improve explosive power (for kick power, speed, agility, jumping, etc)
  • improve strength endurance levels

Soccer strength training can be broken down into 4 categories – Foundation, Building, Power & Endurance.

Soccer Strength Foundation

Strength Foundation Training gives you a strength foundation primarily to lessen your chances of injury during the more intense phases of your training and, ultimately, during game time. Strength foundation training will also improve your balance and recovery.

Soccer Strength Building

Strength Building will:

  • give you the strength to be strong over the ball, hold off challenges and make stronger challenges;
  • strengthen your muscles to further protect you from injury; and
  • give your muscles the strength potential to turn into power (see strength power below)

Soccer Strength Power

Power is a crucial element in soccer. Soccer power training will:

  • Improve your kick power
  • Improve your speed (particularly off the mark)
  • Improve your agility
  • Improve your jumping ability

Power is a combination of strength and speed. An easy way to think of it is as a slingshot. The pullback of the slingshot represents strength whilst the release of the slingshot represents speed.

If you only pull back the slingshot a little bit the potential for power is minimal. If you pull it back a long way then that potential is enhanced. Similarly, the more strength you can build the more potential for the power you possess.

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However, without a quick release of the slingshot, there will only be so much power in the shot. No matter how far back you pull the slingshot, if you release it slowly it will not go very far. The power phase of soccer strength training works on the speed of release. The strength building phase builds up the potential and the power phase releases that potential.

Soccer Strength Endurance

Finally, there is soccer strength endurance training. Strength endurance training will improve your body’s ability to execute your power and strength from the strength building and strength power phases for a prolonged period of time. It will improve your ability to display high levels of strength and power throughout the length of the game.

Without this, you may be strong and powerful at the beginning but fade in the middle and latter stages of a match. However, if you can build up high levels of strength endurance you will be able to show this strength and power even at the end of a game. Right when your opposition is fading. This will give you a distinct advantage.

In addition to this, the strength endurance phase will improve your balance & coordination.

Soccer Strength Training Specific to Soccer

It is essential that soccer strength training is tailored specifically to soccer.

The exercises and workouts that you choose to do will have a big impact on your performance. In my experience, it’s always better to go with closed chain exercises as opposed to open chain exercises when performing your soccer strength workouts. Closed chain exercises are more functional than open chain exercises and are therefore more appropriate for a sport such as a soccer.

As well as choosing closed chain exercises it is also important to choose exercises within that category that will best serve you for soccer. That is to say your soccer strength exercises should improve your running ability, ability to change direction quickly, being able to get off the ground quickly and easily (don’t just writhe around on the ground waiting for the referee!) kick power, jumping power, strength over the ball and balance in the tackle to name a few.